Welcome to The Graves and Burial Grounds of 
Fredericksburg, VA a Virtual Exhibition

The virtual exhibition was created by  Megan Williams, a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington, for a course called Graves and Burial Grounds taught by Andrea Livi Smith in the Historic Preservation Department. The main objective of this course was to introduce students to the history of graves and burial grounds across the United States while focusing on how funerary symbols, locations, layout, materials, and wording changed over time. 

For the final project, students were given the opportunity to pursue their interests and create something that is reflective of the things that we learned this semester. Since I have an interest in Museum Studies and would like to be a Museum Curator, I decided to create a virtual exhibition. By making this decision, I was able to combine the information that I learned from this course with that of Intro to Museum Studies, which I also took this semester.

The purpose of this virtual exhibition is to inform and educate the people of Fredericksburg, VA about some of the cemeteries within this area. In order to do this, I have created a virtual exhibition that highlights and provides brief histories of four cemeteries in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In addition to providing these histories, I have also created a Gallery while constructing a timeline of gravestones between 1880-1889.

The ultimate goal of this virtual exhibition is to encourage people to get out and explore local cemeteries. To start your exploration, click the button below.